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  • Click the pictures for our 'YouTube videos' of how to get to the shop, and park for free !
  • Coming in from Argyle St, turn into the entrance to the Glasgow Marriott Hotel.
  • Continue STRAIGHT ON towards the Security Cabin.
  • Stop at the barrier and tell the Security man where you're going.
  • Follow the road round turn left, at the end don't drive up any ramps !
  • When you see the stairs, park anywhere there.
  • Then come up the stairs and spend all your money  !!
  • Oh! and don't worry 'bout the dreaded 'Double Yellow Lines', they've been switched off.
That was from a previous reality, park anywhere you won't get a ticket.
They're 20 years old and were applicable when the place didn’t have a security guard at the front door.
Opening hours:
Opening times are:
AND 4:00 O'Clock on a Saturday !!