In the beginning there was a big BANG !  and the earth cooled..... Giant 'Monsters' roamed the land,
Hang on.. Maybe we're going back a bit too far, we're not that old! . . . . Well not yet !! 
Now let me see . . . . I seem to remember they invented the wheel, found fire, lost it, found it again again . . .  fell over it and then put it safely in a drawer, (where it should have been kepted anyway !!) , the 'pointy'pyramids sprung upall over the place in Egypt, . . . someone from a basket parted the red sea,  then this bearded guy walked around with a bag of records, (he had a few followers’, and this was before Twitter, Face book and the like !)  but he had no amp or speakers, shame really,  so he had a few of his mates over and ended up, after the main gig, having a last supper to finish . . . . then the dark ages, but it was sooo dark I can't remember seeing anything interesting, there was this great big fire in London I seem to recall,. . . .  Columbus sailed away from Hoganfield Loch and ended up discovering America, ( his mum was really chuffed with that !). . .   yada yada yada, man on the moon, Elvis was defrosted and appeared live again in Las Vagas. . . . Commander Zorg of the Menjhi legion conquered the people of the sixth planet, Professor Jackson discovered the 5th Dimension  . . . . . . wooops   too far . . . .
Ah ha thats better !!  The 20th Century !
Originally,  in a shop in Argyle Street Glasgow, we opened in 1962 selling Groovy Hi Fi and Valve!!! PA equipment.
Then Disco equipment was introduced in 1972,
And battled in the basement of the shop with the Hi Fi department for the crown of which one was the loudest !
A move from Argyle street to larger premises in the Anderston Centre in 1979 where we have a large showroom to fully demonstrate the sound (as loud as you like ) and the lighting (with shop lights off and smoke machine on) as the gear would be used out on the road  - right here right now in the 21st Century!
Well technology has moved on and we are now faced with Media players, usb sticks, iPod interfaces, laptop control heads, LED lighting [which is getting more exciting and brighter with every new generation] and smaller but more powerful speakers, like the McGregor range!
From the latest software and controller for the professional DJ to a new lead or replacement lamp (you still using things with bulbs  in it ??? ) for the hard working Jock the shop has it all - - - -  and if doesn't - - - - well, we can get it !!
  We also repair and service everything we sell and many repairs can done on the spot where possible.
(But phone first so we are ready for you 0141 248 4158)
So PLEASE come in and see us soon !!