Using our latest equipment, we can now test your gear.
However . . . .  you need to make an APPOINTMENT !
Don't think you can turn up out of the blue and expect to get  your gear tested !
This is a busy shop y'know :-)
Call : 0141 248 4158 
between 9 - 5 to arrange a time.
(this service is becoming very popular due to the need for performers,
DJ’s etc needing to have their gear checked, so spaces are limited.)
BUT no testing October, November, December.
What do you have to get tested : Anything electrical that you take out with you.
Even if you've just bought a new extension from B&Q......  but it still needs tested.
All extensions, leads, lights, CD players, effects, in fact your whole kit needs to be on site to be checked.
But do call now!  Don't be left outside a venue trying to explain to a client that you can't do the gig because you don't have a PAT test certificate !!     Embarrassing or what ??
How much does it cost ?     £2.00  per item & minimum of 10 items.   ( Still the cheapest in Glasgow)
not much for peace of mind ?
For further information about PAT testing look here :>
      PAT Testing info